This is Bulborb channel 3's Fifth battle of the Updated Season 1.


Batman is fighting off phantoms, he grabs a phantom's sword and smashes it into the phantom's face, another one appears, he quickly punches it, then kicks it, another phantom appears, and Batman punches it twice, he then kicks it, the Phantom punches Batman, who put an explosive batranang on it's head, the explosion kills it. Link then emerges from the area.


Be Tough or Be Dead


Batman punches Link twice, but the attacks were blocked, and Link then uses the Megaton Hammer, Batman then kicks Link after dodging the Megaton Hammer, who fires an arrow, Batman dodges it and punches Link, he then grabs him and punches him twice, Link then uses his Master Sword to slice Batman five times, Batman grabs two circle blades and throws one of them, Link dodges it, he then throws both of them, Link sees it coming, and turns into Dark Link, he then teleports long enough for the blades to miss, then Batman lights the blades on fire, Link's Master Sword and one of the blades colide, Link teleports behind Batman and uses Triforce Slash, he then slices him multipe times, and delivers one final blow.


Link grabs Batman and prepares to stab him with the Master Sword, then the screen goes black.

This Melee's Winner is