• Minecraftfan300

    • The Dark Ages Begin Prelude

    • Shovel Knight vs Jenny Wakeman
    • Jevil vs Honey Lemon
    • Monokuma vs Master Hand
    • K.O vs Frisk
    • Queen Chrysalis vs Bass
    • Predator vs Master Chief
    • Sonic E.X.E vs Bill Cipher
    • Bonnie vs Heather

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  • Minecraftfan300

    In a hell like place we call the Nether we zoom into a castle where Two winter skeletons stand next to the master. The man says “Hmmm I’ve hit s road block in my studies of who here is the strongest....maybe I need to get them personally....” His body glows before disappearing. Thanos is standing with the infinity gauntlet until the figure grabs his arm and snaps it. Thanos shouts in pain as his neck is snapped. The figure takes the gauntlet and quickly puts the command block into it. He then said “/Teleport Dark Age List” The power of the gauntlet exploded of energy the person laughed insanely before going back to his kingdom.

    Four was screeching and every contestant covered their ears in pain. Leafy said “I wish Four would disappear!” F…

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  • Minecraftfan300

    Well I’m new here and might as well make a tournament. The rules are only 20 Combatants each user and if you use sock puppets to add more combatants in Sorry to say but all your contestants will be eliminated cause yeah. But please add a picture of your contestants so I could see them please..Follow the guidelines and lets begin! Let us begin the brutal kills and war for our entertainment killing fictional characters is fun! NOMINATIONS ARE OVER

    • Angel ((King Of Fighters))
    • Lucy Heartfilla ((Fairy Tail))
    • Honey Lemon ((Big Hero 6))
    • Sheen Estevez ((Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius))
    • Haruhi Suzumiya ((Haruhi Suzumiya))
    • Koizuka ((Comic Girls))
    • Nino Nakano ((Quintessential Quintuplets))
    • Heather ((TDR))
    • Karin Kanzuki ((Street Fighter))
    • Leafa ((Sword Art Online))
    • Pu…

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  • TheGinyuF0rce5

    Which one? a orange tomboy inkling or a black gangster yoshi

    Say "Team Meggy" if you choose Meggy

    Say "Team Black Yoshi" if you choose Black Yoshi

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  • Komodo25M


    60 SECONDS



    Player 1-Cole Dragoscale

    Player 2-Zaria Adapin

    Damus Adapin and his daughter Zaria was in the Dragon Kingdom in order to train Zaria. Then, Damus and Zaria found Akihiro sitting with his son Cole. While Damus went to talk to Akihiro, Zaria went up to meet Cole.

    Cole: Hi there! Nice to meet you!

    Zaria: Hi! Nice to meet you too!

    Cole: So, did you’re dad drag you out here too?

    Zaria: No. He just asked, and I went. I just thought it would be fun!

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  • Crash the king 2

    this my new series,tell me the battles you want

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  • TheGinyuF0rce5

    Eric vs Kyle

    October 20, 2019 by TheGinyuF0rce5

    Eric vs Kyle is a One Minute Melee made by JustAnimeBoy

    The OC versions of Mario and Sonic battle it out!

    Location: Mario Circuit - Mario Kart

    Eric is racing with Jerry with their karts until a green biplane crashes on the track as both Eric and Jerry stop, a purple hedgehog with a black jacket and brown jeans jumped out which was revealed to be Kyle, Eric gets out of his kart as both OCs get into combat




    Kyle starts speedblitzing Eric multiple times


    Eric then sends a uppercut to Kyle, sending him flying


    Eric gets out two guns and starts shooting at Kyle who dodges the shots


    Kyle then does a homing attack at Eric who blasted Kyle away with the arm cannon


    Eric gets out his axe as it clashes with Kyle's sword



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  • Skyblazero


    October 18, 2019 by Skyblazero

    Matt is Skyblazero's superhero alter-ego.

    • None yet

    • Name: Matt
    • Specie: Human
    • Age: Same than Sky's
    • Likes: Same than Sky's
    • Personality: Same than Sky's
    • Appearance: Is like Sky but has a Red Cape, a M on his shirt, dark blue pants and brown shoes.

    Skyblazero a once was fighting Anti-Sky but he end overcoming him so Skyblazero think than if he become into superhero getting a secret alter-ego he might beat Anti-Sky and villains than try to destroy the town and he decide be Matt to beat villains and be superhero.

    • Strenght: More stronger than Superman, Hulk and Goku, capable of destroy a planet with just a punch, can send peoples with a punch
    • Speed: Blitzed The Flash, dodged a thunder more faster than Flash and Sonic, capable of run in the world in phew sec…

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  • Crash the king 2

    halloween collab

    October 17, 2019 by Crash the king 2

    collab lol

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  • Skyblazero

    Folkmanis Rigby

    October 12, 2019 by Skyblazero

    It's a OC I make of Rigby.

    Name: Folkmanis Rigby

    Age: Unknown

    Likes: YouTube, be cool, Sandwiches, memes

    Dislikes: Bad food, bad memes, name he rat

    Favorite food: Sandwiches

    He born as a Plushie without life that got have life by a Wizard and teached him his Powers.

    Strenght: He Is capable of kill the devil ripping him into the half, he can throw alot of mountains into planets destroying it, can beat giants, can throw the sun at planets, can destroy planets with his punches and threw a planet to other planet and can make blood appears in peoples punching them.

    Has a magic book

    Know Death Known Do

    Has Meme manipulation

    Has metallic claws

    Speed: Capable of overcome Archie Sonic, Flash, Sanic, Megaman.Exe, Quicksilver and Road Runner in speed can Dodge b…

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  • Crash the king 2

    folkmanis mickey

    October 11, 2019 by Crash the king 2
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  • Luigi The Thunder Master

    A Skeleton Holding A Bone Is Seen Killing A "Human"

    A Soldier Is Seen Throwing A Grenade Over Cover And Shoots From Behind it

    Disbelief Papyrus vs The Last Guest

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  • TheGinyuF0rce5

    Kyle vs Johnny

    October 10, 2019 by TheGinyuF0rce5

    Kyle vs Johnny is a One Minute Melee made by JustAnimeBoy

    The Sonic OCs of JustAnimeBoy and Skyblazero battle it out!

    Kyle was walking in a city before finding Johnny

    Kyle: Who are you?

    Johnny: I'm Johnny, You seem to be pretty powerful, let's fight!

    Both hedgehogs get into combat




    Kyle and Johnny start punching and kicking each other


    Johnny gets out the laser guns and starts shooting at Kyle, who dodges the shots


    Both hedgehogs get out their swords and start clashing blades


    Kyle starts firing Ki blasts at Johnny who dodges the blasts


    Kyle gets out the hammer and tries to hit Johnny


    Both hedgehogs start punching and kicking each other


    Kyle then freezes the time


    Before firing a Ki blast as time …

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  • TheGinyuF0rce5


    October 10, 2019 by TheGinyuF0rce5

    Kyle is a Sonic OC made by JustAnimeBoy

    • TBA
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  • TheGinyuF0rce5

    Kyle - Bio

    October 10, 2019 by TheGinyuF0rce5

    Kyle is a Sonic OC made by JustAnimeBoy

    • TBA
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  • Skyblazero

    A serie that I create of Super Smash Bros.

    If you want appear in my serie just ask in the comments.

    Appears a guy with a Notebook writing "Sky Studios!"

    Then the screen shows a blue sky with alot of clouds and the screen shows the start saying "Super Smash Bros: The serie!".

    Sky, and Crash was sitting down in a sofa and was playing Smash Ultimate and Sky said.

    Sky: Hey Crash why no was in Smash?

    Crash: Great Idea!

    Sky use his Notebook and write go to Smash.

    Both was in Final Destination and they found Luigi.

    Sky: Luigi, you're on here!

    Crash: Nice!

    Luigi: Thanks!

    Both was in Smash as look Mario, Sans and Kirby.

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  • Skyblazero

    All the world know the Cat and Mouse's famous rivalry, and Mickey is a mouse but he can beat a Cat in a fight?


    60 SECONDS

    1 VICTOR


    Mickey was walking into a town until he looks a Cat.

    Mickey scared said.

    Mickey: A cat!

    The Cat runs at Mickey as Mickey was runover him and the Cat try to eat Mickey and launches himself at Mickey's face scratching his face until Mickey got kick the Cat in aside.

    Mickey: Your going to pay that Cat!

    Mickey pulls out a Revolver and was pointing the cat.


    60 Mickey shoots bullets at the Cat who dodges the bullets. The Cat jumps at Mickey scratching him in the face several times but Mickey kicked the Cat in aside and use a Mallet to hit the cat in a wall.


    Mickey then decide use a Cake with D…

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  • Crash the king 2

    lost kittie movie

    October 9, 2019 by Crash the king 2

    sonic movie my version

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  • Skyblazero

    A version of the movie of Sonic I create. If you want was on my serie, just ask in the comments.

    Appears a guy with a notebook writing "Sky Studios!"

    Then the chamera shows a blue sky with many clouds as the title of the movie appears saying.

    "Sonic: The movie"

    Sonic the Hedgehog (As Skyblazero)

    Tails (As Crash the king 2)

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  • Skyblazero

    Sky Studios

    October 8, 2019 by Skyblazero

    Welcome to my movie studio I invented, in here you can found my movies, and cartoons!

    If you want appear in someone of my cartoons just ask it to said that character you want be or told me a movie that you want I make.

    • A Regular Wiki
    • Adventure Wiki
    • Super Smash Bros: The Serie

    • A Regular Wiki
    • A Regular Wiki/Chapter 1 (The start)
    • Adventure Wiki
    • Super Smash Bros: The Serie
    • Super Smash Bros: The Serie (Chapter 1) "The start of the brawlers"
    • In construction

    • Sonic the Movie: My version
    • A Regular Wiki: The movie
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  • Crash the king 2

    is a collab,closed,sorry K.O!!!!!!

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  • Luigi The Thunder Master

    Bowser Jr.: I Find Him Awesome For His Machines and Motives

    Jar Jar Binks: I Found Him Funny In Legends

    Bart Simpson: He Can Be Funny (I Honestly Don't Get The Hate)

    Dr. Eggman: He Feels... Bland Now.

    Ridley: I Find Him Eh As a Character. Godly As A Meme Tho

    (DBX Is Included For Both As Well)

    Mario vs Sonic 2018

    Flash vs Quicksilver

    Ghost Rider vs Lobo

    Shredder vs Silver Samurai

    Cuphead vs Bendy

    Luigi vs Tails

    Bowser vs Ganondorf

    Sans vs Bill Cipher (I Hate The Matchup)

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  • Crash the king 2

    season blog

    mordecai and rigby watch a video of Pacheco
    rigby: wait
    rigby grabs you power and travel to killer crepper universe
    pacheco sees them both and they think they are enemies
    pacheco: let's go for them yeti
    yeti: ok

    Pacheco runs to mordecai and hits him with a diamond sword
    mordecai takes out the sword sending Pacheco to fly
    pacheco: demons
    pacheco takes out a cookie and farts and mordacai flies out
    mordecai is hurt

    ????: you shouldn't have messed with ????

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  • Crash the king 2


    Missa left to eat at the restaurant and go to smg4
    missa: do you want to fight
    deadpool: yes
    missa: and where did you come from
    smg4: here GOOOOO

    in a corner
    Mordecai and Rigby are seen, they have left the park and now they make gameplays
    and in the other corner
    2 professional minecraft players are seen and have been laughing in Latin America

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  • Skyblazero

    A serie I'm making based on Regular Show, you can said me if you want appear in the comments and told me that character you want be.

    Appears a man with many kids screaming in joy clapping, saying.

    Man: Its time to see... A Regular Wiki.

    The kids claps at him.

    Appears titles saying "Created by Sky studios".

    Man: The episode of today is... The start.

    The kids claps at the guy who exit as a red courtain shows the chapter.

    Skyblazero (As Mordecai)

    Oofman789 (As Rigby)

    Crash the king 2 (As Thomas)

    Luigi the thunder master (As Skips)

    The Golden Moustache (As Benson)

    Finnmcmissilecar (As Pops)

    High Five Ghost (As Red The Red Bird)

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  • Crash the king 2

    sky was running and found others slacking
    sky: let's go to the gym
    crash spits the ice cream
    crash: you're crazy
    1 chapter: lazy day

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  • Crash the king 2

    luigi:hear and the movie


    crash and luigi run and enter the house of sky
    sky: what do they want
    crash: movie
    sky, crash, luigi come to red
    crash: movie
    red, crash, sky and luigi come to oof
    crash: movie
    crash go to article 13

    crash: shit, run, run
    red and sky are eaten by 13
    luigi: run cras-
    luigi is eaten
    oof, golden and crash are running with all their strength
    oof is eaten
    crash is eaten
    golden: I'm lef-
    golden is eaten
    They all wake up and see that they are different and are they cartoons?
    mickey: what happened
    Bartman: I don't know
    gumball: it's strange
    paper luigi: and this
    clyde: these are not us
    sky: we are in heaven
    Bartman sees Steven Universe running
    Bartman: Steven
    Bartman runs and sees Shekpier
    the gang helps him fight

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  • Skyblazero

    All the winners of the tournament face into a battle royale, who an win? NOTE: I'm making Mario was in the fight


    60 SECONDS



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  • Skyblazero

    Clash of OC Tournament

    October 1, 2019 by Skyblazero

    A tournament I decide make of OC's.

    • Eric vs Ricky
    • Bugs Badster vs Freddy the frog
    • Max vs Mickey Xadster
    • Victor the frog vs Johnny
    • Star vs Ronic
    • Psychomaster35 vs Dark Bartman
    • Ray vs Alex

    • Just choise 3 characters
    • The self inserts also can be allowed
    • If you can choise 1 also can be allowed 
    • Don't change the orders you ask
    • JUST OC's are allowed

    Bugs Badster (By myself)

    Johnny (By myself)

    Ricky (By Myself)

    Dark Bartman (By Crash the king 2)

    Mickey Xadster (By Crash the king 2)

    Freddy the frog (By The Golden Moustache)

    Victor the frog (By The Golden Moustache)

    Ronic (By The Golden Moustache)

    Ray (Luigi The Golden Master)

    Star (By Luigi The Thunder Master)

    Alex (By JustAnimeBoy)

    Max (Red The Red Bird)

    Psychomaster35 (By Psychomaster35)

    Eric (By Oofman789)

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  • Crash the king 2
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  • Luigi The Thunder Master
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  • Crash the king 2

    forky vs paper mario

    king dedede vs infinite

    bartman vs lisa simpson

    mike vs donald

    goofy vs sonic

    knuckles vs maxwell

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  • Skyblazero

    I make this tournament.

    Just 4 characters are allowed

    No memes

    Don't change the characters that you choise

    1 Mordecai vs Spider-Man

    2 Gumball vs Scourge the Hedgehog

    3 Mickey Mouse vs Kratos

    4 Bendy vs Daffy Duck

    5 Patrick Star vs Yoshi

    6 Bugs Bunny vs Woody Woodpecker

    7 Sniper vs Cait

    8 Bartman vs Tails

    9 Crash Bandicoot vs Goofy

    10 Jack Jack vs Kirby vs Weezing

    11 Katara vs Koala Princess 

    Note: The ultimate fights are Battle Royales from the winners and losers of the tournament.

    Note: Just are 24 characters to choise.

    1 Mordecai (Regular Show) (nominated by myself)

    2 Spider-Man (Marvel) (Nominated by myself)

    3 Gumball (The Amazing World of Gumball) (Nominated by myself)

    4 Scourge the Hedgehog (Sonic the Hedgehog) (Nominated by myself)

    5 Mickey Mouse (...) (…

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  • Luigi The Thunder Master

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  • Crash the king 2

    Luigi was caught by King Boo and sent a note saying that the one who rescued him would face the ghosts closed

    • they don't nominate luigi
    • you cannot change your order
    • only 3 characters
    • No memes
    • If you nominate Mario, that is another version, for example: Dr.mario

    Slots Filled: 12 out of 12

    • forky(crash the king 2)
    • king dedede(crash the king 2)
    • bartman(crash the king 2)
    • paper mario(luigi the thunder master)
    • infinite(luigi the thunder master)
    • lisa simpson(luigi the thunder master)
    • mike wazoski(Finnmcmissilecar)
    • goofy(Finnmcmissilecar)
    • knuckles(Finnmcmissilecar)
    • donald(red the red bird)
    • sonic(the golden moustache)
    • maxwell(skyblazero)

    rescue luigi as soon as possible

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  • Luigi The Thunder Master

    Waluigi vs Bartman

    Mickey vs Axl

    Sektor vs Infinite

    Sakura Kasugano vs Crash Bandicoot

    Pit vs Scooby Doo

    Sans vs Kirby

    Woody Woodpecker vs Pumbaa

    Francisca vs Pit

    Axl vs Bartman

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  • Luigi The Thunder Master

    King Dedede Hosts a Tournament for Dreamland's Food

    (Only 25% And No Refunds!)

    Nominations are Closed!

    • 16 People
    • All Wins By KO
    • 3 Nominations per User
    • Don't Nominate King Dedede
    • Video Game Characters Only
    • (Characters Known For Cartoons and Video Games Count EX: Bart Simpson)

    Slots Filled: 16 Out Of 16

    • Kirby (Luigi The Thunder Master)
    • Waluigi (Luigi The Thunder Master)
    • Infinite (Luigi The Thunder Master)
    • Mickey Mouse (Red The Red Bird)
    • Bartman (Crash The King 2)
    • Sans (Crash The King 2)
    • Scooby Doo (Crash The King 2)
    • Pit (FinnMcMissleCar)
    • Crash Bandicoot (FinnMcMissleCar)
    • Axl (FinnMcMissleCar)
    • Sektor (Sharon Shing Huang)
    • Sakura Kasugano (Sharon Shing Huang)
    • Pumbaa (Sharon Shing Huang)
    • Ness (Bloodstarz22)
    • Woody Woodpecker (Bloodstarz22)
    • Francisca (Bloodstarz22)

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  • Luigi The Thunder Master
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  • Luigi The Thunder Master

    The One Below All Is Killing Everyone In It's Path

    But as It tries to Strike A Lonely House Down it Gets Distracted

    TOBA: What The Hell?

    A Cat Hisses At TOBA Fully Knowing The Sacrifice It's Making

    TOBA: You Will Fall Too.

    (Cue All Of Me Instrumental)

    TOBA Fires A Laser At The Cat But Misses

    The Cat Scratches TOBA

    TOBA: You Little-

    TOBA Swats The Cat away

    (Cue Sad Girl)

    TOBA Charges Another Laser

    The Cat Closes It's Eyes As If To Accept It's Fate

    But Then...

    (Cue VS Susie)

    The Cat Leaps Away!


    The Cat Jumps At TOBA Again This Time Missing

    TOBA Tries To Swat The Cat Again

    The Cat Doges And Scratches TOBA Again

    TOBA: You Can't Win!

    The Cat Tries to Bite TOBA

    TOBA: Nope!

    TOBA Tries To Fire another Laser But Misses

    The cat Rushes TOBA

    TOBA Swats The Cat A…

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  • TheGinyuF0rce5

    Alex vs Eric

    September 22, 2019 by TheGinyuF0rce5

    Alex vs Eric is a One Minute Melee made by JustAnimeBoy

    The OCs of JustAnimeBoy and Oofman789 battle it out! Who will win?

    Location: City

    Eric is seen walking before Alex bumps into him

    (Cue: OMM OST 07(S5)- The Franchise )

    They get in combat stances



    Alex starts sending a flurry of punches at Eric, sending him flying


    Eric then gets his mallet and swings it at Alex who dodges the moves


    Alex then uppercuts Eric into the sky before sending him to the ground with a kick


    Eric then gets his arm cannon and fires at Alex who dodges the shots


    Eric then gets his mallet and swings it at Alex, sending him flying


    Alex then starts slashing Eric multiple times with his laser sword


    Alex then slashes Eric's arm o…

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  • Skyblazero


    September 19, 2019 by Skyblazero

    Johnny is a Sonic recolor made by Skyblazero.


    • Eric (Oofman789)
    • Knuckles the Echidna (Sonic the Hedgehog)
    • Mickey Mouse (...)
    • Bugs Badster (Skyblazero)
    • Sammyclassicsonocfan
    • Max (Red The Red Bird)
    • Alex (JustAnimeBoy)

    Name: Johnny

    Species: Hedgehog

    Favorite food: Tacos

    Age: 3220

    Likes: Tacos, sunglasses, be hero, Sonic, run, probe that is faster, videogames from Sonic, Youtube, memes, save the world.

    Dislikes: Bad food, Sonic memes, the peoples insulting Sonic, be slow.

    Personality: Adventurer, cocky, arrogant, and heroic.

    He born in the year 3220 and saw everything about Sonic and he decided he should be a hero like Sonic with friends that can help him thru trouble.

    • He can throw a planet at another planet destroying both planets.

    • More faster than the Star …

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  • Red The Red Bird


    September 19, 2019 by Red The Red Bird

    Max is a Mickey Mouse like OC, created by Red

    To be added

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  • Red The Red Bird

    This will be a 24 character ournament that I invented myself because of me seeing other tournaments on here, but instead of me choosing the characters, YOU will be the ones nominating them, I nominate Mickey Mouse and Neku from The World Ends With You.

    W̶e̶l̶p̶,̶ ̶t̶i̶m̶e̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶g̶e̶t̶ ̶i̶g̶n̶o̶r̶e̶d̶ ̶s̶i̶n̶c̶e̶ ̶t̶h̶i̶s̶ ̶w̶i̶k̶i̶ ̶i̶s̶ ̶c̶u̶r̶r̶e̶n̶t̶l̶y̶ ̶a̶l̶m̶o̶s̶t̶ ̶a̶b̶a̶n̶d̶o̶n̶e̶d̶

    NOTE: As all characters I needed got nominated, the nominations are closed 

    1. Mickey Mouse vs Neku Sakuraba

    2. ??? vs ???

    3. ??? vs ???

    4. ??? vs ???

    5. ??? vs ???

    6. ??? vs ???

    7. ??? vs ???

    8. ??? vs ???

    9. ??? vs ???

    10. ??? vs ???

    11. ??? vs ???

    12. ??? vs ???

    1. Mickey Mouse (...)

    2. Neku Sakuraba (The World Ends With You)

    3. Patrick Star (SpongeBob)

    4. Darkseid (…

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  • TheGinyuF0rce5

    Alex vs Bugs Badster

    September 15, 2019 by TheGinyuF0rce5

    Alex vs Bugs Badster is a One Minute Melee made by JustAnimeBoy

    The OCs of JustAnimeBoy and Skyblazero battle it out! Who will prevail? the cyborg or the bunny

    Alex was walking in the city before bumping into Bugs Badster as the two get into combat positions




    (Cue: Air Gear - Snapped)

    Both OCs start punching and kicking each other before Bugs gains the upper hand.


    Bugs then gets out a gun and fires at Alex who dodges the shots


    Alex then fires multiple Ki blasts at Bugs who dodges them until he gets hit by the blast, sending him flying


    Alex then uses Consecutive Fire Bullets, shooting multiple fire bullets that stun Bugs


    Alex then uses Water Tornado to summon a tornado made of water as it sucks Bu…

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  • TheGinyuF0rce5


    September 15, 2019 by TheGinyuF0rce5

    Alex is a OC made by JustAnimeBoy

    • TBA
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  • Skyblazero

    Bugs Badster

    September 14, 2019 by Skyblazero

    Bugs Badster is a Bugs Bunny recolor made by Skyblazero.

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  • Oofman789


    September 14, 2019 by Oofman789

    Eric is a recolored mario OC made by Oofman.

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  • TheGinyuF0rce5

    Song Battle

    September 14, 2019 by TheGinyuF0rce5

    Which is better in your opinion?

    If you choose Darkest Hour, Comment "Team Saiko" below

    If you choose Wanna See My Pencil, Comment "Team Jeffy" below

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  • TheGinyuF0rce5

    If you choose SMG4, say "SMG4" in the comments

    If you choose SuperMarioLogan, say "SuperMarioLogan" in the comments

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  • Red The Red Bird

    Since nobody voted, I decided Sebastian will be Puddles' opponent

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