This is Bulborb channel 3's third fight of season 1.

2 Fighters

60 Seconds

No Research


Bowser is flying over the Mushroom Kingdom in his airship, shooting cannonballs at every toad he saw, Spiderman then heard all the explosions, he ran and saw the airship firing at innocent toads, he then decided to do something about it, he quickly ran to Bowser's airship, grappled on, and defeated all of Bowser's guards.

Bowser: You must be replacing Mario! I'll defeat you.

Spiderman: You villain! You won't get away with attacking little mushroom-like things!

Bowser: Bring it on!!!

Enter the heat of battle! Fight!


Spiderman shoots webs at Bowser, but they get burned on fire, Spiderman then decides to retreat.


Bowser throws a koopa shell at Spiderman, which is then used to his disadvantage because Spiderman managed to catch it, he then threw it at the koopa king, causing his rival to flinch, he then performed a flying kick, Bowser quickly reacted and punched Spiderman as hard as he could.


The airship they were fighting on started to malfunction and was going to crash.


Bowser tried to steer the airship, back into air, Spiderman then used his webs to jam the control room, Bowser got so mad he grabbed Spiderman and threw him of the airship, Spiderman managed to recover by grappling a nearby pipe. Bowser was charging up to shoot a huge fireball, but he couldn’t finish charging because the airship crashed into Bowser's castle.


This melee victory goes to…