This is Bulborb channel 3's first fight of the updated Season 1


Kirby is standing on Castle Dedede, he sees Thanos.

Kirby: You fall today. This day will be known as the last day of your life.

Thanos: Oh please. That threat isn't terrifying at all. Come and show me how tough you are.


Kirby becomes Staff Kirby and whacks Thanos in the head, he then throws him in the air and then spins the stick around, he then slams Thanos into a wall. Thanos grabs him and throws him into a wishing well, Kirby becomes Ninja Kirby and then an explosion occurred in the well. Kirby was high in the air. He then throws knives at Thanos, who then reflects them Kirby dodges then all, he then grabs a ninja star and whacks Thanos, Kirby then threw the ninja star and pulled out his sword, he did a Quad-Shock, Kirby then did a Stealth Slash, Thanos was cut over and over again, Kirby did a blossom storm Thanos was sent into a wall, Thanos quickly ran at Kirby and erased him from existence, it didn't work, Kirby then threw Thanos at a wall. Kirby changed into Monster Flame Kirby. Kirby then leaped away from Thanos and fired a Monster Flame, blasting Thanos into nothing.


Kirby sighed, he then ran away from the destroyed castle.

This Melee's Winner Is...