Ky Kiske Vs Jin Kisaragi

Ky Kiske Vs Jin


Ice Vs Thunder







Credits By BMHKAIN

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Alright/ Uh One Sec



Tsubaki: Jin

Ky Kiske Fight against Makoto.

Tsubaki: JIN!

Ky Kiske defeated Makoto .

Tsubaki: JIN REACT !

Jin finally wakes up just in time to face Ky Kiske .

Jin: Tsubaki , Bring Makoto to safety

Sword Duel



Ky and Jin , approach combining their powers of thunder and lightning. Ky speed then increases suddenly , and attacks jin , but the combierte the battlefield on ice.

Ky loses some balance, but manages to stabilize, but the combo of Jin recive the ice it against a wall, but ky was ready, and active power of your magnolia in the field , the result was a huge explosion.

Jin: Shift!

Ky performs half kill one of his urge , do not fully achieved by the ground but knows how to use it in their favor. Since launch several rays forcing jin to defend.

Jin: Damn!, It's very clever, but I did not graduate NOL , for nothing.

48 Seconds

Jin creates a small tornado snow , ky is trapped by this and suffer a little damage , but in the end with his sword magnolia manages to save himself, but appearances are deceptive , in doing so electrified particles of ice that had to affect him that falls to the ground , victim of his own attack and the jin .

Ky: Smart

Ky joins the power of thunder with his speed, throwing several bursts jin , the latter attacks and defends at the same time, but is not very effective and soon gets into difficulty . Then create a wolf's head made ​​entirely of ice and throws it Ky .

This could not stop it and get the impact, but reacts enough to bloqeuar jin attack , are now deadlocked . Sparks and granite both bathed the battlefield , but in the end occurs take away a big bang , but jin receives an attack on his chest.

29 Seconds

Jin bear the pain , but bleeding from the wound and severe, with what is hidden , use the power of order in an attempt to heal him , but Ky prepares its biggest attack , although his tactical mind actually hidden else, jin what He decides to wait and see .

21 Seconds

Ky out to make his attack with a higher level of destruction, but to see up close, prepare an air strike jin , Ky will have to wait a little longer to make its biggest attack , he takes away , and along with jin are prepared.

17 Seconds

Ky prepare your instan kill while preparing jin , his astral finish . The weather gets cloudy mostran strong rays and cold wind that Tsubaki and Makoto feel .

10 Seconds

The two are put in a position to attack, increase their attacks 100% , the weather gets colder and stronger .

7 Seconds

Ky will swiftly toward Jin , this is prepared for the attack.

4 Seconds

A small column of ice appears around jin , and finally the two movements collide.

0 Second

a cut of the sword is heard , it is expected to see who suffered and eventually discovers that was Ky .


Tsubaki and Makoto will help Jin , while Ky starts to get sparks at the end er no real Ky Kiske but a robot that was destroyed . The real appears before the group signaling the arrival of a group of gears , now join forces to face them.


This Melee Winner Is......

Jin Kisaragi