Meta Knight vs Greninja

Meta Knight vs Greninja

Season 3 Episode 12

(Nintendo vs Nintendo)


2 of the sneakiest Nintendo characters fight to the death in my 12th episode of my 3rd Season!!

Pre Fight

Meta Knight had just defeated Kirby. Finally, that puff of pink deserved to die ages ago. But now, he did. But little did he know, that Greninja watched Kirby's death. As Meta Knight was walking off, a Water Sharp Star was fired at Meta Knight. Meta Knight noticed it and teleported past it. Meta Knight ended up teleporting right behind Greninja, and kicked the Pokemon off the tree and into the dirt.

Meta Knight: Let me show you my power...




Meta Knight quickly slashed his sword at Greninja, the blows hitting the Pokemon. Greninja was kicked backwards after the blow, and in mid air Greninja fired another one of his Sharp Water Stars. The Star hit Meta Knight, blasting Meta Knight into a nearby tree. Meta Knight teleported in front of Greninja and landed a hard punch in Greninja's face. Greninja was blasted backwards, and this was Meta Knight's chance.

Meta Knight: Know my power....

Meta Knight disappeared, and then came in front of Greninja and sliced him in half. But... that "Greninja" was a log. The log had been sliced in half.

Meta Knight: Wha-What-

Greninja now was right behind Meta Knight. Greninja leaped into the air and swung his right leg down. Greninja slammed his leg into Meta Knight's head, slamming Meta Knight into the ground. Greninja disappeared again! Meta Knight looked around, but couldn't find the Pokemon. Greninja was in front of Meta Knight now! Greninja rapidly started kicking Meta, but Meta teleported behind Greninja and swung his sword at Greninja. Another fricking log. Greninja appeared below Meta Knight, and Greninja punched upward, blasting Meta Knight into the air. Meta Knight had his chance now. Meta Knight brought his sword below his feet and started spinning. Since Greninja was right below Meta Knight, Meta Knight gained faster speed downward and stabbed Greninja in the chest. meta Knight started spinning, the sword going deeper and deeper into the Pokemon. Eventually, their was a huge hole through Greninja's chest, and Greninja dropped to the floor, lifeless.


Meta Knight kicked Greninja into the Ocean, where Greninja's blood was shown surrounding the Ocean Water.


This Melee's Winner Is...

Meta Knight!!!!!!!