Knuckles pops out of the ground, while Protoman was already waiting for his oppoenet.



Proto Man notices that Knuckles was gone. He then sees the ground pop open, to reveal Knuckles uppercutting him. Luckily, Protoman blocks it with his sheild.

Proto Man then fires out of his Proto Buster, but Knuckles wasn't phased at all. Proto Man takes out to Magma Bazooka, knocking Knuckles through the field they were fighting. Knuckles quickly glides and rams into Proto Man.

Proto Man blocks Knuckles with his sheild, who was still ramming into him. Knuckles quickly causes an earthquake, launching Proto Man into the sky. Proto Man comes back holding the flame sword, and slashes at Knuckles. Then he uses the slash claw at Knuckles, who was behind him.

Proto Man then sees Knuckles lying on the ground, so he uses the Charge Kick to hit Knuckles. But Knuckles instead digs into the ground, and then delivers a punch. He then turns super. One hit from Super Knuckles caused Proto Man's nuclear core to react.

But Proto Man sees Beat, and he tosses the core at Knuckles while flying away. Knuckles then turned back to normal.

The explosion oblterated Knuckles.