The Ghostbusters had a job at Fazbears Fright: The Horror Attraction.

They see Springtrap, who attacks them. They then realize: That Springtrap is a ghost trapped in the animatronic.



Springtrap stares at them before going in the vent. He then suddenly opens it and throws to door to the Ghostbusters, hitting them.

The Ghostbusters, go after Springtrap and one of them kicks Springtrap, but before they can do anything else STrap leaves.The Ghostbusters check the cameras and they see Springtrap. They see a button that says "Play Audio" and they play it. It sounds like a little kid. The audio made Springtrap leave to look for the "kids".

Then, the ghostusters sit back. Then a red light appears. They go to a pannel on the left which lets them reboot their systems. After rebooting their systems, They go to their Camera.

They see a ugly, burnt, kid's robotic face.

They leave the camera and they see him jump at him.

The Ghostbusters: AHHH!

Then all the Phantom Animatronics appear in their office. They were overwhelmed.

Then, the Phantoms left. But then, they saw Springtrap in their room.

Springtraps FNaF's 3 jumpscare


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