Red Hood vs Wario is a fight in the first round of ZombieSlayer23's The Lurking Shadow Tournament! It pits Red Hood of DC Comics (Nominated by ShadowKaras), and Wario of Nintendo (Nominated by ZackAttackX)

Red Hood vs Wario


Red Hood vs Wario! The first episode of my first round in the Lurking Shadow Tournament! Who will win? Who will die? Place your votes below!

Pre Fight


You couldn't even see it since it was going so fast. Guess what it was. Quicksilver? Superman? The Flash?! Nope. It was Wario. He was on his motorcycle, not even paying attention to where he was going. He was only staring at the money he has just robbed. He eventually slammed into something and front flipped off his bike. Red Hood was slammed by the bike. He was blasted backwards, and was eventually ground-pounded by Wario.

Red Hood got up and bared his fists in anger. He then aimed his gun at Wario.




Red Hood started off the fight with shots from his gun. The shots were going in slow motion according to the camera, and in slow motion Wario's eyes nearly popped out of his head in freight. Wario dodged the strikes accidentally; he was screaming and running around in circles.

Red Hood stared in shock that his opponent was going to be an easy kill. Red Hood ran at Wario and landed a hard punch in the miner's head. Wario was knocked backwards as he lunged at Red Hood. He used his Chomp, which started to take damage on Red Hood while biting him. After several bites, Wario twirled around and released Red Hood, sending him knocking into a tree.

Wario used his Wario Bike and drove at Red Hood. Lucky for Red Hood, he had placed a grenade on the ground before the fight started, just in case something happened. He instantly realized this and sent the grenade off when Wario and his bike were above it.

Wario farted once more in mid air, sending a wave of blindness coming at Red Hood. Red Hood coughed from the grossness, and heard Wario's motorcycle being lifted. Red Hood was suddenly slammed in the head by the bike, knocking him out.


Wario flashed a thumbs up and a silent toot. He smirked and ran off.


This Melee's Winner Is...



Red Hood or Wario?

Red Hood: 2 Votes

Wario: 12 Votes

Win by KO or Death?

KO: 9 Votes

Death: 5 Votes


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