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Two fighters

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Toph is walking in the woods.....suddenly she hears someone coming

Shulk sees a little girl walking, so he walks towards the girl

Toph keeps her guard and throws a boulder at Shulk which Shulk dodged

Toph: Who are you blondie!?

Shulk:The future doesn't belong to you!

This ought to be a match to remember....Fight!

Toph sends a pillar of rock towards Shulk which Shulk dodged


Toph:Your too loud! She threw five boulders at Shulk following it up with a storm of rocks

Shulk dodged the boulders and intercepted the storm of rocks with his sword while running to the back of Toph

Shulk: Back Slash!

Toph dodged the attack thanks to her seismic sense.


Shulk radiated a purple aura surrounding him and attempted to slash Toph but it got intercepted but a stone pillar

Toph then tries to make a huge fist made out of rock and throws the fist at Shulk.


Shulk saw his vison.. he was sent flying

Shulk:Jumped over the fist


Toph covered her self with rock armor while Shulk slashes Toph she isn't hurt but she was flying back

Shulk thinking the battle was finished

Shulk:i'm really feeling it!

Toph appeared again into the screen.

Toph;Not so fast.

Shulk was then surrounded by huge rock and stone pillars. They fall on top of Shulk

Shulk: Agh!!!


Toph: Who's feeling it now huh?

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